Welcome to Sadhu Goureswar College

The College is named jointly after two of the most revered beings of the locality, the renowned sage who devoted his austere life for divinity and the supranatural being, the Siva deity (Goureswar) who embraced the Sadhu in nearly paternal love. The strange juxtaposition of a human form and a celestial one gives ample evidence of the ethereal quality of this place. Everything is in an uncanny state. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for such a developing college to take shape in all its glorious manifestations in so short a period.

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Our College Union


1. The College Union (Students’ Union) shall remain the sole tribune of students’ opinion inside the college. Its functions are detailed as follows :

(a) To organise discussion on the general, cultural, academic, national and international problems.

(b) To organise debates.

(c) To invite eminent persons to address the Union, and

(d) To take up such other activities that are beneficial to the College as are proposed by the Union and approved by the Principal.

Membership :

2. (A) Every student of the +3 wing of the college is a member of the college union. Students who are duly admitted/readmitted to the college and who get their identity cards renewed after paying the usual fees before the college election are eligible to participate in the election.

(B) A member shall pay to the Union fund a subscription of Rs. 20/- per annum at the time of admission.

College Union Election for the session 2008-09 will be held on Dt. 23.10.08.

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