Welcome to Sadhu Goureswar College

The College is named jointly after two of the most revered beings of the locality, the renowned sage who devoted his austere life for divinity and the supranatural being, the Siva deity (Goureswar) who embraced the Sadhu in nearly paternal love. The strange juxtaposition of a human form and a celestial one gives ample evidence of the ethereal quality of this place. Everything is in an uncanny state. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for such a developing college to take shape in all its glorious manifestations in so short a period.

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An UGC Sponsored National Seminar entitled Plants of Ethnomedicine :The traditional knowledge and Current research was organized by Dept. of Botany S.G College,kanikapada,Jajpur on 6th & the Sep0t.2013.The Chairman of organizing Committee was Dr.Ramesh Chandra Biswal,Principal S.G College,Kanikapada,Jajpur.The organizing Secretary of the Seminar was Mr.Sarat Kumar Sahu.HOD,Bot.S.G College,Kanikapada,Jajpur.Different Committees have been made constituting staffs of this College for organization o0f the Seminar. These Committees were Organizing Committee, advisory committee, publishing Committee, registration committee, refreshment Committee, & receptation committee etc.

A circular was printed and was sent to different faculty members of diff. Colleges. University, Ayurvedic, homeopathic institutions, for call of papers for souvenir & abstracts volume.reseach scholars of diff. institutions was invited to attend the Seminar. And to contribute abstracts of research papers. They have also invited to present their research papers in technical session well advance. Circular and invitation letter of seminar had been uploaded in College Website Seminar page for general information in outside state well advance.Dr.Sudhansu sekhar Das,scientist,Bpotanical survey of India was invited as Guest of honour& resource person of technical session.

Dr.Ashok Kumar Panda.Scientist,National Ayurvedic Drug Developmemt,Kolkota was invited as Guest of honour in Inaugural session & resource person in technical session. The registration time was kept at 8AM to 9AM on 6th Sept. 2013 for registration of Delegates of Seminar.Dr. Prasanna Kumar Dash, Former Director,Mefical Education Traning,Govt. of Odisha was invited to grace the inaugural session of National Seminar as Chief Guest & as resource person.Prof.(Dr.) Kunjabihari Satpathy was invited to grace the inaugural session as Chief Speaker and as resource person.Dr.Sudhansu Sekhar Dash,Scieentist,Botanical Survey of India, salt lake,kolkota was invited as Guest of honour for inaugural function 7 resource person for the Technical session -1.Dr. Ashok Kumar Panda,scientist,National Ayurvedic Drug Development,Kolkota was invited as Guest of honor for inaugural function of the Seminar and Resource person for the technical, session-1.Local distinguishing persons, faculty members of different institutions, Ayurvedic and homeopathic doctors,students`,Research Scholars was also invited as delegate of the Seminar. Electronic media press club members were also invited to Seminar for development of awareness in publics.

On 6th Sept.2013 after registration is over all guests were requested to Seminar to take their Seat in Seminar Hall at 10.30 AM.Floweing bouquets’ were offered to all Guests and badges were wired badges to all Guests. Chief Guest Dr.prassanna Kumar Dash inaugurated the national Seminar by lighting the candle and all guests also joined with him. Students of Botany Dept. chanted the patriotic song (opening song) Dr.Ramesh Ch. Biswal, principal & Chairman of Organizing Committee Welcomed to Guests to this National Seminar. He also expressed his deep sense of gratitude to all the Guests for their august presence in this Seminar. He expected that all these Guests will be source of inspiration for all delegates, students and local people. He expected this Seminar will be centre of information about Ethno medicinal plants, their utility and conservation not for this generation but also for future generations. It expected to find out new avenues for streamlining future strategy for its conservation against wanton destruction due to climatic, biotic interference.

Dr.Adwaita Prasad Samal Lect.in Com &Nodal officer UGC gave introduction of Guests. Then Souvenir cum abstract volume on “Plants of Ethnomedicine.The traditional knowledge and current research “was released by the guests. Prof. Sarat Kumar Sahu,HOD.Bot. and Organizing Committee put a proposal of Condolescence for expiring of Prof.(Dr.)S.N Pattanaik,Former Prof. & Head P.G Dept. of Botany Utkal University ,BBSH.All delegates,Participants,Academicians,Guests participated in silent condolescence for 2 minutes.Organising Secretary Sarat Kumar Sahu,HOD Bot.presented the theme paper of the National Seminar.

Chief Guest Dr. prassanna Ku.Dash described role of ethno medicinal plants in treatment of Disease. He narrated some traditional knowledge for treatment of disease. He expressed how juice of root of Manjuati is very much beneficial for treatment of Jaundice and malaria. He also said in allopathic system pure extract of the medicinal plant is used for treatment where as in Ayurvedic system all the chemical constituents are used simultaneously in disease treatment.

Dr.Sudhansu Sekhare Das described role of the ethno medicinal plants and traditional knowledge in treatment of disease. He described that traditional knowledge is very ancient and it is also described in our ancient religious literature. Dr.Ashok kumar Panda described how Drugs have been prepared from the medicinal plants. He gave importance of this traditional knowledge for treatment of disease. He expressed his sad that this traditional knowledge is first eroding because this is family orientated and passed orally from generation to generation. This high time for conservation of Medicinal plants and this traditional knowledge for future generation. He appreciated to organizers for his right choice of the Seminar Topic. This is the right platform for exchange of knowledge between academicians, Researchers, Students delegate etc. Chief speaker Dr.K.B Satpathy described about the traditional knowledge of some tribal people..He also expressed that this traditional knowledge is first eroding and family orientated and passes generation to generation orally. Some ethno medicinal plants becoming extinct day by day due to several causes like climatic, biotic and anthropogenic. So this is high time to identify, document for conservation. He also appreciate that the to organizers for this right choice of the topic and he said this is right platform form for exchange views on conservation of this traditional knowledge and ethno medicinal plants. In last of the inaugural session of the Seminar Mr. Gourisankar Juga Prakash Jena,Lect.Dept.of Botany of this College expressed his deep sense of gratitude to all the guests,academicians,researchers,resource persons, deligates,press,Electronic media, staff, Local participants etc.

Technical session-1

The technical session started at 11.45 AM. Rapotur of this session was Dr.Ashiirbad Mohapatra,Lect ion Botany,SJCE & Technology,Naharkanta,BBSR.First Prof.(Dr.) Kunja bihari Satapathy narrated Role of the tribal societies of Odisha and their traditional Knowledge for treatment of different kind of disease. He also described different types of ethno medicinal plants and their utility in treatment of different ailments in tribal and rural belts of Odisha by power point presentation. Delegate recognized these ethno medicinal plants acquired knowledge about their use in different ailments and their conservation strategy in state of Odisha.Another resource person Dr.Sudhansu Sekhar Dash,Scientist Botanical Survey of India present his paper by power point “The role of Taxonomy in medicinal plant research” also he presented some new records of Botanical Survey of India. Also he presented role of some ethnomediocinal; plants and their role in treatment of different ailments in tribal and rural belts of OIdisha.He described the role of Govt.for providing all kind of support for development of medicinal plants in rural areas.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Panda,Scientist,National Ayurvedic Drug Development of India explained how drugs are extracted and applied in treatment of different types of ailments in tribal and rural areas by power point presentation. Also he showed a large no. of ethnomedicinal plants, their chemical constituent and application and conservation in India. He gave importance of the conservation of traditional; knowledge for treatment of diff.ailments.Because it is first eroding and family orinted.it passes from one generation to other generation orally. They never express this traditional knowledge in general publics. He gave example of some rational knowledge for treatments of Disease.

Dr. Sailabala Padhy,Director of CES,Dept. of Forest and Environment Govt. of Odisha Presented his paper on ethno medicinal properties of some micro algae. She narrated role of Dept. of Forest and Environment for plantation of Medicinal plants and other plants for environmental conservation through Eco-Clubs in Odisha. Lunch break was at 1.45-2.30.In technical session-II resource person was Dr.Ranindra Kumar Nayak,HOD,Bot.J.K.B.K College,Cuttack,He presented his paper by power point on role of Mangroves in treatment5 of Disease and in Environmental protection in Vitar Kanika & Mahanadi Delta,Odisha.He gave importance conservation and propagation of this type of pants for ethno medicinal and Environmental point of view.

Dr.Akhaya Kumar Panda presented his paper on Ethno medicinal value of Curcuma longa (turmeric for treatment of different ailments in rural belts of odisha and religious aspects associated with this. Dr.Ashirbad Mohapatra,Dept. pf Botany SJET,Naharakanta presented the reports of rapoture and explained detail the presentation provided by resource persons of this session. He request to all delegates to develop a medicinal plant garden in the intuition or in their own land for its conservation. Third technical session started on 07th Oct.2013 at 10.30 AM.Dr.Seshdeva Ptrusty BHMC,The Medical Officer Kamalapur PHC and Dr.Basanta KumarTripathy,HOD,Gotany,Dharmasasala Mohavidyalaya,Dharmacsala was joined as resource person of the Seminar.Dr. Madan Mohan Pani was Chair person of this Session.Mr.Sarat Kumar Sahu,HOD & Secretary of this National Seminar introduced the resource person. first Dr.seshadeva prusty narrated the mode of treatment of different ailments in Ayuvedic medicine. He discussed the origin, history of this treatment and it’s preparation from the plants. He discussed the role of some ethno medicinal plants in treatment of some disease.

Then next resource person Dr.Basanta Kumar Tripathy presented his paper on Medico botany of ethno medicinal plants in Sorohi Hills, Jajpur.The Mr.Gourissankar Juga prakash Jena,Lect. In Botany, S.G College presented his paper on medicinal value of some common crop weeds in Odisha and their treatment in different ailments. Then Mr.Sarat Kumar Sahu, HOD & Organizing Secretary presented his paper on Medico Botany of Plants used in ritual in Coastal District of Odisha. Dr.Madana Mohan Pani, Chairman of Session said that Chemical constituents, Saponins & alkaloids etc are important substance is extracted and used in allopathic medicines but in ayurvedic it is used as raw material (Whole plant or plant parts.)He advice to all staffs, Delegates and students to prepare a medicinal Garden in own land for the purpose of conservation of such medicinal plants for use of future generation.

A local healer was invited to this Seminar. He has joined in the Seminar with a large collection of endangered locally available Medicinal plants. He was interview by Dr.Seshadeva Prusty, Dr.B.k Tripathy & HOD, Botany of this College. He described his Experience in his local place for treatment of disease by herbal medicines. He showed all commonly available, and endangered medicinal plants one by one to delegates and students and narrated its use in treatment of different ailments.Dr.S.prusty confirmed its medicinal value and its treatment in disease. Other resource persons expressed the Botanical name; it’s Family, Chemical Constituents and family to which it belongs. All the students and staffs, delegates noted down the name of these common medicinal plants and their utility in different ailments. in last HOD Bot. expressed deep sense of gratitude and vote of thanks to resource persons. After this there was launch hour. After the launch hour just at 2.30 pm the valedictory meeting was started with president ship of principal cum Chairman Dr.ramesh Chandra Biswal.Dr.Madan Mohan Pani,principal Veer Hanuman Jew College,kendrapara,Dr.Seshadeva Prusty,Medical Officer,Kamalpur PHC,Dr.Basanta Ku. Tripathy, HOD, Bot.Dharmasala Mohavidyalaya was graced the valedictory Meeting as Chief Guest, Chief speaker and Honorable Guest. First of all Dr.Ramesh Chandra Biswal, principal cum Chairman welcome the Guests and gave a brief introduction of guests.Mr.sarat Kumar Sahu, HOD Cum Organizing Secretary of the national seminar presented a report of organizing National seminar and expressed his deep sense of gratitude and thanks to staffs, delegates and resource persons for their co operation for successful organization of the Seminar.

Chief Guest Dr.Madan Mohan Pani appreciated the Seminar and said organization of this Seminar was very need full to the society by which our younger generation would be conscious and aware to recognize such types of ethno medicinal plants and their use in different ailments. He said it definitely help for conservation of ethno medicinal plants for future generation. He expressed his deep sense of gratitude to Mr.Sarat Kumar Sahu,The organizing secretary of the National Seminar for organizing this type of Seminar which was new for this locality.honourable guest Dr. Basanta Ku. Tripathy appreciated to organizing Committee for grand success of the Seminar.Organising this type of Seminar was very need full for the society. He said UGC is sponsoring state level, National level & international level of Seminar throughout the country. Aim of organizing such seminar exchange of Knowledge occur between researchers,academicians,teachers,students and Scientists in our country. This knowledge is very beneficial for the society in different point of view.

Chief Speaker narrated about the traditional knowledge in our literature in ancient Veda poran and its practice in Ayurvedic system of practice in present society. He also appreciated to organizing secretary for organizing such Seminar which was need full for society.Janjita Tripathy, lect. In Bot.Chitalo Mohavidyalaya, Jajpur appreciated staffs and faculty members for organizing this seminar. She said Ethno medicinal plants are deteriorating day by day with loss of traditional knowledge.Dist Jajpur definitely a store house of ethno medicinal plants. This Seminar will help determining the way of conservation for future generations. President

Dr.Ramesh Chandra Biswal in concluding speech said this college became a centre of information to determine way of conservation of ethno medicinal plants and traditional knowledge for treatment of disease. The seminar threw a new light to focus our young generation for identification, conservation of ethno medicinal plants for future generations. Exchange of knowledge about ethno medicinal plants & traditional knowledge occur between scientists, academicians, students. I expect this definitely will help in conservation of such plants with traditional knowledge of treatment.

Mr.Bibekananda Nayak,Tressurer of national Seminar and staff of Bot.Dept.S.G College,Kanikapada expressed vote of thanks to resource persons,delegates.Chief speaker and chief guest for their cooperation for organizing this Seminar.

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