Welcome to Sadhu Goureswar College

The College is named jointly after two of the most revered beings of the locality, the renowned sage who devoted his austere life for divinity and the supranatural being, the Siva deity (Goureswar) who embraced the Sadhu in nearly paternal love. The strange juxtaposition of a human form and a celestial one gives ample evidence of the ethereal quality of this place. Everything is in an uncanny state. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for such a developing college to take shape in all its glorious manifestations in so short a period.

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National Service Scheme

Aims :

To promote national consciousness, good sense and social responsibility and to inculcate a sense of discipline and dignity of labour among the students.


Students will be selected from 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year classes.in the month of July after the admission is over for enrollment. There will be four units of fifty students each including a female unit.

An intending participant shall apply in the prescribed form and will be selected on :(a) Past experience (b) Extra -curricular activities and (c) Through observation.


The students associated with N.S.S. will undertake the projects assigned to them during sundays and on other holidays without disturbing normal study or as per the direction of the Programme Officer, N.S.S.

In order to achieve the aims, the N.S.S. programme will include the following projects :

(a) Social service and work experience,

(b) General Education through Planning Forum and Seminars

(c) Literacy drive and Social Education.

(d) Rover Training, Red Cross Activities and Community living in campus.


Lecturers of the college, duly selected and appointed by the Vice-Chancellor, Utkal University shall work as Programme Officers.

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