Welcome to Sadhu Goureswar College

The College is named jointly after two of the most revered beings of the locality, the renowned sage who devoted his austere life for divinity and the supranatural being, the Siva deity (Goureswar) who embraced the Sadhu in nearly paternal love. The strange juxtaposition of a human form and a celestial one gives ample evidence of the ethereal quality of this place. Everything is in an uncanny state. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for such a developing college to take shape in all its glorious manifestations in so short a period.

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Central Library

DEBENDRA LIBRARY : Debendra Library, a part of the College Library was established in the year 1977out of a generous donation by late Sj. Debendra Kumar Singh of Rambag, a College Library celebrated poet of the state. He has donated his entire valuable collection consisting of rare books and journals in view of the larger interest of this institution. The posterity will remember him for his altruistic attitude for ever.

General Information

1. The Library is open from 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. These hours are subject to rule.

2. (a) The Library remains closed on Sundays and authorised holidays.

(b) The period after 3.30 p.m. on every working day is set apart for office work of the library and during that period no books are issued or return of Books acknowledged. This does not apply to the issue and return of books to be used in the reading hall.

3. A person, even if, otherwise qualified for admission into the Library, shall not be admitted into Library premises if he or she is not of sound mind or is not clean in person or dress.


1. In case a student does not return the library books within the time allowed, a fine of 50 paise per book per day will be charged till the return of such books.

2. For use in the reading room, one book at a time may be issued to a student on a Call Slip. He should, however, return the book taken on such slip before leaving the reading room.

3. Ordinarily no student will be allowed to keep library book with him or her during the Summer Vacation. Any student intending to borrow Library books for the Summer Vacation should apply to the Principal with special recommendation of member of the teaching staff.

4. All students must return the library books issued to them by the notified date before the announcement of their Test or Annual Examination result failing which their results shall be withheld.

5. All students sent up for the University Examination, intending to keep library books during the Annual University Examination, may be issued library books if they deposit double the price of the books plus 20% extra amount equivalent to the price of the book/books. In such cases, the borrower shall be permitted to keep books with him till the Annual Examination is over and shall return the books within seven days from the last date of Examination.

Book Bank

The College provides Book Bank facilities for its students. The students shall receive books from the Bank subject to the following :

1. A student shall have to pay one tenth of the price of each book he receives from the Book Bank.

2. The students will keep the books for one academic session only.

3. All the students have to return the books before their Annual Examination. Incase of the University Examination the students will have to return the books before they fill up forms for the respective University Exams.

4. Books will be issued to the students on the basis of poverty -cum-merit.

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