Welcome to Sadhu Goureswar College

The College is named jointly after two of the most revered beings of the locality, the renowned sage who devoted his austere life for divinity and the supranatural being, the Siva deity (Goureswar) who embraced the Sadhu in nearly paternal love. The strange juxtaposition of a human form and a celestial one gives ample evidence of the ethereal quality of this place. Everything is in an uncanny state. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for such a developing college to take shape in all its glorious manifestations in so short a period.

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About our college

Our college logo is microscope and a couple of crossed swords. It bears the name of the college and its location in a semi-Inside Area of the Collegecircle. The wheel encircling the rest is mounted on a small platform bearing the motto the institution stands for.

The temple represents the artistic, sculptural, architectural and religious interest of the Orissa people. The college is named after Lord Goureswar and his incarnation a Sadhu, a rare combination of a Divine and a Human hallowed with divinity.

The boat stands for the commerce faculty. It symbolizes the trade and commerce of Orissa. It carries our mind back to those ancient times when Orissas merchants (Sadhabas) sailed for distant lands, traded there and enriched Orissa with opulence.

The microscope represents the science faculty. It symbolises mans unquenchable thirst for knowledge and unceasing endeavour to conquer nature, space and time.

The swords stand for the Oriya heroism to be borne in defending the weak, the country and also in self defence. Itsweeps our mind down the memory lane to the disastrous consequences of the Kalinga War. Our lands take pride in Sadhus like Upagupta who could transform a demonic Chandasoka into a divine Dharmasoka.

The lamp emits the light of knowledge and wisdom and dispels the encircling gloom of ignorance. It shows the students the right path and leads them.

The wheel represents a state of flux. The wheel of time has been revolving from time immemorial. It is a silent witness to many ups and downs in human history. It stands for time past, time present and time to come. The Marxian dialectics of thesis and antithesis are revolving in unending gyrations for a much sought-after synthesis.

The edifice supporting the emblem echoes the ancient Rigvedic hymn in English, Let noble thoughts come from every side. It urges us to follow the right path, adopt the right attitude and help establish universal brotherhood and world peace.

Thus, the emblem, as a whole, epitomises our ancient tradition, cultural heritage and modern thinking. It can be viewed as a work of art also.

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