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Association and Societies  
There are a number of societies in the College for the purpose of holding debates, reading papers and arranging lectures and various other activities for the benefit of the students.
The Principal shall be the ex-officio President and Heads of Departments are ex-officio Vice-Presidents of all societies and associations. The principal shall preside over the meetings of all societies. In the absence of the Principal, the Vice-Principal shall preside.
The Principal shall have direct control over the funds of Socities and Associations. 10% of funds of all Associtions shall be kept at his disposal and shall be spent at his discreation for the general welfare of the College and students.

1. Every year in the beginning of each session, on such a date as the Principal may appoint, under the instruction from Director, Higher Education, after all the admission is over, elections shall be held for different offices of the College Union provided that normal condition prevails.
Notification for college union elections shall be made atleast 7 days before the date of election or as decided by the Govt. of Orissa in Higher Education department.
2. Nominations to such elections duly proposed and seconded shall reach the Principal in writing on a date fixed by the Principal. There should be a gap of at least three days between the dates of nomination and election.
3. (a) Every member of the Union who is admitted / readmitted after paying his dues to the college and gets his identity card renewed has the right to vote in the election.
(b) No member shall give more than one vote for each office.
(c) Recounting of votes can be made within 24 hours from the time of declaration /publication of the final results. It must be supported by a petition of the candidate along with a deposit of Rs. 100/-only.
4. Request for recounting shall be entertained if the margin of difference of votes are within five.
5. Elections shall be conducted and votes will be recorded and attested in such a manner as the Principal shall determine.
6. (a) The candidate obtaining the largest number of votes shall be declared elected.
    (b) In case of equality of votes between any two candidates, the election of the successful candidate shall be determined by lot.
    (c) A student is permitted to contest for one post only.
    (d) The decision of the Principal to conduct Election is final and binding in all matters.
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